Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pokemon go

My reflection 
I think my speech was good I achieved most of the things that the teacher told us to and created a great speech about why you should be careful when you are on your device. 

We were learning how to use sentence structures and language devices to connect with the reader. We also were learning how to use persuasive language to make you think. 

My speech is well organised and connects to the reader and many ideas content to my point of view, but I need some help to use language devices to persuade and content with the audience. 

I presented my speech well but when I tried making eye contact I lost my place. Please click here to listen to my speech 
Are you aware of your surroundings while you're on your phone, because every year people die because they are concentrating on their phones instead of the cars when they're crossing the road. Well there is a new game that takes this to a whole new level, that's right it's pokemon go. It crushed candy crush, and melted the chocolate addiction, but it is dangerous infact people have died playing it, they have been 
hit by cars, trains and people have been trespassing onto people's property, and the owners have gotten mad. Pokemon go is so dangerous it 
even says, be aware of your surroundings while it's loading. That shows how dangerous it really is. I think they are purposely trying to kill us so brace for impact because a big wave of pokemon is going to hit, and it will sweep you away like a pokemon tsunami. This is not good we need to do something about it we can't just sit here and watch Nintendo, take over the world like they are doing now with pokemon go. At the botanical  gardens in the weekend there was not one person, that was not on there phone. What happened to looking around at the pretty flowers and the water fountains. Is that not why we go to the botanical gardens ? I noticed that people were bumping into each other because their heads were always down.

In China when a rare Pokemon appeared a humongous stampede of people came sprinting down the street, Cars were stopped in their tracks, people were jumping over cars and some of the windows shattered.  The amount of people was equivalent to 53 buses long. 

The rare Pokemons which there is only about seven of them are usually located far from civilisation, or at massive landmarks.  This means that people have to put their lives in danger by going into dangerous places like caves,forests and even ponds.

There is one solution. A new app has been created which allows you to move without actually physically moving, which might stop people from doing as much excessive but it also stops accidents from happening.less incidents and more happy Pokemon go players. So I'm going to give it a go and maybe you could to.

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