Thursday, 7 July 2016


Discrimination is most common in employment situations, it is usually racial discrimination because some immigrants don't get treated  fairly in their jobs or get prejudged. 

Prejudice is a thought or opinion that you have on someone that you don't even know, that is usually a bad thought of someone. Here is an example of prejudice: this person is a bad driver they must be Korean, this type of prejudice is called racism, that will make people feel bad. There are lots of different kinds of prejudice like ageism, and the way they think and even what job they have.  People judge you on lots of things. The effect that prejudice has is bad which is why we don't want to have any prejudice.

What makes immigrants feel welcome 
Making immigrants feel welcome is important because we want to make them feel welcome because if they don't, and they have relatives that want to come here they might tell them not to come to NZ because it is not a very welcoming place.  This can spread to lots of other immigrants and that is not great for NZ. 

We can make immigrants feel welcome by doing some of these things 
•say hello 
•stop and talk to them 
•be friendly
•include them
•maybe even invite them them to your house 

Here are some things that make immigrants feel unwelcome 
•glaring at them
•looking down 

Make sure that next time you see a immigrant try make them feel more welcome because then our community will be a much happier place to be in.

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