Monday, 30 May 2016


I felt tired as l stood outside our cabin. We were getting ready for tree climbing. We headed over to the tree where we met the instructor, April. She started shouting out instructions, safety ones. I did not hear any of it,  because I think safety is boring.   I was a bit scared for Lily-Grace because it looked like when I hopped up the tree and when I jumped off I would plummet to the ground and she would fly up to the top of the tree. But it turned out that she was strapped to the tree so I did not need to worry about that. I started to climb up the tree. My legs began to tremble and so did the ladder. Then I hopped onto the tree. I trembled so much that the tree shook, so much that the tree nearly fell over.  

My reflection  for my camp writing 
I have learned how to make people feel the emotion of my writing and connect ideas. 
I think it went pretty well because I think that it is better than some of my writing such as hedgehog in a bowl.  I was also learning how to show emotion making a structure and making a hook and having a satisfying ending. I think I did well because it was hard to make a satisfying ending but in the end I achieved a good ending.

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