Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Cat in court

The police stand next to me, 
making sure that there's no 
easy escape.

The judge bangs his gavel 
as he announces “You are guilty of stealing 
the biscuits from Animates”

“You are sentenced to 10 years prison.” 
The the police car sirens wail in the distance. 
They are coming. Now is my chance to escape. 
My instincts say run but the police officer shoves me back 
then some more police come in and take me away.

Where am I ?
Where are we going ?
What am I supposed to do in jail?


  1. funny little story Mylo. i love your massive imagination where would you get the idea of i cat going to jail. i love at the end where you say what going on in the cats head. kind regards, Mason.

  2. I like how you you got the idea to put a cat in court and I like how you made an image of how the police sirens were going! That's awesomely awesome