Monday, 30 November 2015

Adventure though the twin lakes

It’s a dark and stormy night and you are traveling through the forest.  You're on a train speeding towards your destination. But then there is a grumble and a groan and the engine splutters and coughs and your train screeches to a halt. The driver shouts over the loudspeaker “Please evacuate!” 

Everyone walks out the wide doors and feels the blistering cold breeze in seconds, they are drenched from the rain and the dark coloured jungle trees give a little shelter. Everyone thinks it is the end for them but the engine gives a loud cough as it roars to life again. They were off! 

When they arrive they get ready to hop out, skipping and jumping. But as they pull the door handle it does not open, it was locked! The kind receptionist opened the heavy iron doors, they walk in and the iron doors slam behind them. The receptionist sends them to their rooms. They walk into their rooms they were speechless they were amazed. Beds with lights on each side and spa baths already bubble with warm water in them.  Humongous portraits and balconies overlook the lake where another day the next adventure  will take place.

1 comment:

  1. Cool writing Mylo! I really liked the description you used. Where they in The Forest as in Slender?
    Anyway, I liked the words you used, like 'Exacuate' and when you described the people's rooms with spas, I really got a picture in my head!
    Imagine if the people saw Slender! Hehe.