Monday, 31 August 2015


Have you ever experienced that scary feeling when you think that  there is somebody outside your house at night?  

Rustle, rustle. 
"Justin there is  something rustling," said mum. I think she thought it was a burglar.  
"Seriously?" said dad. “Do I have to deal with it now?"Dad thumped down the steps. "It is dark I can't even see anything."
He said as a huff of stem poured out of his mouth.  Like  smoke  from my next door neighbor's chimney. He looked over at me hoping I was asleep but I wasn't.  He glanced at me thinking should I get angry or not? As he turned around,  he could hardly 
see because the outside light was flickering like it was about to blow. The moths were hovering around as that was the only light for miles.

I thought somebody was going leap and attack him. He turned the torchlight to the mystery noise, but as the torch shone over it, I saw it was a hedgehog sitting in the plastic cat bowl. The hedgehog suddenly moved and in a flash it was gone.  Dad turned around  mumbling to himself. Out of the dark from nowhere the hedgehog re appeared.   

Dad did not see it and almost stepped on it.  “Hey! That's the hedgehog that has been eating all the cat food,” he said.

I overheard my Mum saying that if she hears it again she is going to kill the hedgehog because she can't be bothered wasting her money on more cat food.  After all it doesn't say hedgehog food on the front of the biscuit bag now does it?


  1. Wow Mylo great speech fantastic descriptive words. The beginning line sends shivers down my spine! And I remember that hedgehog very funny when Dad nearly stepped on it!

  2. That's an awesome story Mylo. I've enjoyed re-reading again and again as it was funny and your description was spot on. Great work.