Tuesday, 5 May 2015

hedgehog in a bowl

Rustle, rustle.
"Justin there is  something rustling," said mum. I think she thought it was a burglar.  
"Seriously?" said dad. “Do I have to deal with it now?"Dad thumped down the steps. "It is dark I can't even see anything."

But I could see what it was.  At first it seemed to be a dog toy but as the torch shone over it, I saw it was a hedgehog sitting in the plastic cat bowl. The hedgehog suddenly moved and in a flash it was gone. But out of the dark the hedgehog re appeared.  

Dad did not see it and almost stepped on it.  “Hey! That's the hedgehog that has been eating all the cat food,” he said.


  1. Hedgehog in Plastic cat bowl funny

  2. For some reason when I was doing ,y last comment it lagged out but I just want to say I liked the word rustling

  3. That reminds me when a brown hedgehog came in the dog door and ate all the dogs food -Aryan Biala