Wednesday, 25 March 2015

SLEEPING AT NIGHT Wainui school camp


Wainui school camp

It was a still night, I could hear the branches creaking. Everyone was chattering in our cabin, it just would not stop. “Quick Dom is coming! Everyone pretend that you are asleep," I said.

Dom walked in, he saw that everyone was asleep, so he went out. “I think it's safe now, let's go to sleep," I said.

"But it's so fun being awake," said Sam.  

I drifted off to sleep, zzzzzz. "Oh, he is asleep. OK let's go to sleep as well," said Lochie.  

In the morning, Fran walked in and said, "Wake up everyone."

"But we just got to sleep" said Lochie.

"Go on, time for a run," said Fran.

"But," said Lochie.

Fran said, "No buts, just run."

Lochie said "Fine," and we ran.

20 million years after we came back from the triathlon, we had breakfast.


  1. Great post! I felt exactly like that at night as well

  2. Mylo when did I say "but being awake is so fun." I don't remember that but this is what I remember. We were all in our beds and then someone fell asleep and u said "THERE GOES THE CHAINSAW or THERE GOES THE LAWNMOWER or something like that but all the people in the cabin ( except the chainsaw ) know it was you that shouted out there goes the chainsaw. Sam : )